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Orlando Bridal Hair

Just this last year I am proud to say I did over a hundred weddings and many other types of events including birthdays, all kinds of photoshoots, and video shoots.


As a licensed cosmetologist, Beauty And A BowTie can take care of all of your hair and makeup needs before the big day.  If you can't make up your mind about your event hair and makeup,  Beauty And A BowTie can help you make that decision.


As I walk into the room, and see your pretty faces, I have done your hair 100 times in my mind before I reach you. And if you need a bit more clarity, as to how you will look for your special day, Shedule A Trial. We can do a couple of your favorite hair ideas taking weather, location, and attire into account, so that your day will be perfect.


I am honest. If you need my advice about one of your ideas, we will figure it out together. Leaving you with NO worries on your big day. My timing  is on point, and with the instruction sheet I leave with you upon booking my services....we leave no room for anything to go wrong. I can't wait to meet you!



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